Experiences in the Gene Pool: Overheard at the gas pump

Experiences in the Gene Pool: Overheard at the gas pump

What is the status of the human gene pool?
I am concerned at what I see…

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I fill my vehicle three times a week, I have a long daily commute, and occasionally at “oh-my-god-thirty” in the morning you see and hear interesting things at the gas pump. The other day was one of the more interesting days.

This very active early thirty-something woman got out of her very nice 7 Series BMW while talking on her mobile phone. The conversation blew me away. (I know eavesdropping is rude, but she was right across from me…come on give me a break.)

The caller sounded like a relative and was giving her a bit of hard time about her schedule and lifestyle. The woman was reviewing her typical day. It went something like this…

  • Getup in the morning for coffee and kiss the husband goodbye when he went off to work
  • Shower and head to the gym for 2 hour workout session followed by a 1 hour massage
  • Meet friends for lunch
  • Go shopping or do errands
  • Yoga or cycling class for another hour
  • Steam bath followed by Spa treatment or manicure or etc.
  • Be home shortly before her husband arrives
  • Eat dinner at home or go out on the town (emphasized the “go out” part)

Sounds like a nice life and I do not begrudge anyone who has made a great standard of living for their family. Here is the kicker – the WHY of it all.

She is currently wife number 3 and does not want to be Ex-Wife number 3. It seems that her husband likes beautiful women and she has a fear that she will be dropped if she does not keep up her appearance. Yep, this was said as a cold hard simple fact with no joking that I could detect. She said that she liked her life and everything the marriage brought her…hmm.

She said her husband loved her and she loved him, I beg to differ. Is this a relationship that is built to last??…”I love you as long as you keep your rocking body” and her position of “I love you as long as the green backs keep flowing”.

To each their own, I guess. For me, I love my wife during good times and bad, for richer and poorer, and in sickness and in health. Simple, she is my perfect mate and my best friend. I would do anything for my wife and children as their happiness means more to me then my own. I know the feeling and commitment is reciprocated. This is the meaning of love.

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