Do Not Piss the IT Guy Off!

Do Not Piss the IT Guy Off!

The story below is disappointing but true. I do not think that most people have any clue exactly how much access the IT (Information Technology) group has to information and the absolute control they can exert over it. The more senior the person the more serious the threat.

IT Admin Locks Up San Francisco’s Network
By Jeremy Kirk
July 15, 2008 — IDG News Service —

A network administrator has locked up a multimillion dollar computer system for San Francisco that handles sensitive data and is refusing to give police the password, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Monday.”

SOD (Segregation Of Duty) has been an issue for IT and finance groups for a long time and in small shops it is virtually impossible to implement. Wherever it is possible, it should be implemented to protect systems, information and people.

This guy has them by the short hairs and it sucks to be in their position. It could end up costing the fine tax payers a few million dollars to be absolutely sure the city has fished everything out of their systems. What a waste of time, effort and money. I have never understood the retaliation mentality.

I hope he get his just rewards in prison.

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