Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert!

Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert!

I received a phone call from my main credit card company, Chase, and it seems someone has been using my credit card on the Internet! What the…??

The call came from Chase’s automated system, which was very easy to navigate, regarding a recent charge. I did not recognize the charge in question, I also double checked with the wife to make sure it was not hers, so the system put me in touch with a “fraud specialist”. After the exchanging of “identification information”, she gave a few additional details.

The first charge was for one song on (I do not know what song was purchased…I believe she thought it strange when I asked). The first charge was a “test” transaction so the dirt bags would know if the card was still active. After a few minutes, other charges started to roll in. The next charge was at an online computer retailer that I had never heard of…how did these thieves get my damn account number??

Well, Chase closed the account and reversed the charges. It will now have some “paperwork” to fill out in a couple of weeks thanks to these scumbags. Thanks jerks, like I need more paperwork.

I want to give Chase a big w00t!
Wow, was I impressed they caught the fraud and reached out to me so quickly. They were great on the phone and assured me that I would not pay anything related to the fraudulent transactions and new cards will be issued to us in a couple of days.

I did a Google search for ways to protect yourself from credit card fraud. I found great information and way to many links to list. The Chase site had some good tips but I found more practical tips via Google. Some really made me think about how willing I am to hand over my credit card.

I would highly encourage you to look at a sites about credit card fraud. It was most educational!

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