What is this “mobile phone”

What is this “mobile phone”

It is a fair accusation to say that I frequently prefer the quick and easy email rather than picking up the phone or walking over to someone’s desk to ask a quick question or follow-up on an item. I couch it in the argument of efficiency and not wanting to be too disruptive to the other person.

Now that I have been working from home for the last few weeks, I am finding that I genuinely miss the social interactions of the office. I am dreading sending emails and craving to pick up the phone and speak to my colleagues. The forced corporate social isolation has made me long for the days when I could walk to someone’s office and have a quick conversation.

I do feel like I am intruding by just calling during regular business hours. It is kind of funny that I feel the need to preface a phone call with a text message asking if they are available to speak live. I do not know why, as they could always send me to voicemail, but I feel it is an element of professional courtesy to their time. These feelings may just be a holdover of my desire to avoid disrupting the other person with a phone call intrusion. However, the reality so far seems to be that they wish to talk live as much as I do, and they might be having some of the same withdrawals that I am experiencing.

What does make my head twist a little is that my “mobile phone” has never been used so much as a “mobile phone” before.

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