Why Ask Why

Why Ask Why

There are so many great works that seek the answers to the purpose and meaning of life.  Philosophy and religion are just two disciplines exploring the elements of the human condition and attempt to expand our understanding of the most fundamental questions about our existence.  I am not so grandiose to presume that I have any answers to these existential questions, but I have realized that the study of these matters sparked my love of the simple question of “Why.

Why is such a beautiful question because it attempts to unlock the deeper mysteries and explores the contributing factors to any situation.  Think about it, for every experience, thought, and feeling we can ask the question of Why.  With the answer, we are able to dive deeper by asking Why again.  Through iterative questioning and seeking the more in-depth answers to Why we get closer to the root cause or the most profound understanding of an issue.

It can be challenging to the individual as well as those people in their orbit to continually hear Why questions.  It is frustrating as it requires a level of self-examination that most people are uncomfortable conducting.  Even when I do a series of Why questions to myself, I get that uneasy, itchy feeling that I am going somewhere that I would rather avoid.

I agree that it is uncomfortable to dive deeper through a series of Why questions, but the upside to understanding ourselves better is worth the pain and anxiety we experience through asking the question Why.  From politics where topics are understood barely at the superficial level to management and leadership issues that arise out of internal biases and untamed demons, the questions of Why may produce some of the most profound insights and fundamentally change the direction of people’s lives.  The more we understand the Whys of the world, the better we are able to adapt and create innovative solutions and achieve personal breakthroughs that strengthen our relationships to new heights.

Spend time with Why, it is uncomfortable and frustrating, but it is well worth the journey.

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