Windows 8.1 Playing Nice…Network Connected

Windows 8.1 Playing Nice…Network Connected

For over a week, my Windows 8.1 Enterprise installation has been reporting Limited Connectivity while connected to our corporate wired local area network. It was odd that it only happened on the LAN and not on WiFi. Actually, it was irritating to no end. All the Metro Apps would not access the Internet even though the desktop apps worked online just fine.

I completed several Google searches and tried everything I found. I updated my Network driver, reset WinSock, replaced network cables, and executing several netsh commands. If I logged in locally, the problem continued. However, when I connected to my home network (wired), I did not receive the same limited connectivity error. This does not seem a problem with hardware or the underlying OS.

I was going to wipe and reload the OS. I removed the computer from the domain, removed BitLocker, and clear personal data. Luckily for me, I had an immediate need to get some work down so I put my computer back into the domain. I rebooted and logged back in. Oh my – the problem went away. Removing the computer from the domain, and putting it back in, and the problem was corrected.

My network is showing connected and happy. No OS wipe and reload required.


A week later, the problem returned. I wiped the OS, and so far, it is working much better. Last time it worked for a week or so before the problem started. I hope that this time, that will not occur.

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