Making Quality Decisions Takes Effort

Making Quality Decisions Takes Effort

Quality decision-making is grounded in reality, unfortunately many decision makers are not. Just after the news, I have to ask myself “why did they make that decision now and not six months ago or why are they going in that direction at all?”

I do not profess to be all-knowing or all-seeing, so I trust they have more information than I do to come to such a conclusion. It does not matter if it is in politics or business; most decisions are late in coming and go to one extreme or another. As a whole, we are lacking good quality decision makers and those that prove they have this skill are rewarded handsomely for it.

Many sources are available to aid you with making good decisions. I found consulting companies, seminars, courses, books, articles, and software in abundance with just a few Google searches.

I scraped my article I wrote on this topic because of the sheer amount of information that I found in just moments. I really did not have anything new to add after I spent a few hours reading.  I must admit this was a humbling realization.

I have included a few links to some of the better articles I found.

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4 thoughts on “Making Quality Decisions Takes Effort

  1. Simon, I just finished reading your article and it is great. I encourage everyone to stop by and read it.

    BTW – I really enjoy your blog and your insight. You really do an outstanding job!

  2. Hi Michael. This is a great article as it highlights the importance of decision making as a skill. I think many people don’t consider this as a ‘skill’. Effective decision making is, perhaps, in the top 3 ways leaders are measured by their stakeholders, peers and followers. (Maybe even number 1)

    Decisions have to be good, and they have to stick. Leaders who blow in the wind and don’t act on intentions haven’t really made a decision, but followers beleive they have.

    I hope you don’t mind me sharing this link where I discuss this: Is the Road to Hell is Pathed With a Leaders Good Intentions?

    Good Stuff!

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