I am able to read again!

I am able to read again!

Some time ago, and by accident, I destroyed my Sony eBook reader. I have been on the fence about replacing the device as I continue to watch for a leader in the content war. My last look through the content offerings demonstrated, to me at least, that Amazon has taken a noticeable lead over Sony. I loved the Sony design and I am sorry to see them take a back seat on the content.

Content concerns alleviated, I am now the proud owner of a new Kindle.

My actual experience was different than what I anticipated. It started to change when I opened the shipping carton from Amazon. I really liked how the Kindle was packaged. I know this is minor, but it did start to change my preconceived notion of the product.

I did not expect to care much for the device, but live with it as I wanted access to the greater content provider. Well, after using the device for a short time, I actually like the device. I am not a total fanatic, but I found it to be very functional, feature rich and easy to use. The design shortcomings, that I read so much about, are minor.

My main annoyance involves the location of the “next page” and “previous page” buttons as it makes the device harder to hold and not inadvertently change the page. Also, the Kindle cover should be redesigned so that it will hold the reader more securely.

I was not able to locate the couple of books I wanted to purchase via the device’s store interface. I do not know why, maybe I was distracted with family at the time, so I jumped on my computer. I found them with in a couple of minutes and bought them with “one click”. This was a snap and they were on my device with in seconds.

This is so cool! I do not need to connect my Kindle to a computer to get new books. Tomorrow, I plan on starting a 10-day trial of the Wall Street Journal. The newspaper will be on my Kindle every morning when I wake up and if all goes well, I will be able to cancel the paper version.

So Far, So Good. I am a happy user and look forward to many hours of reading.

(Note: I am not compensated in anyway by Amazon or Sony and they have not reviewed or authorized this posting.)

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  1. I have the Kindle reader on my Ipad and it’s wonderful.
    It’s so fast and convenient. The bad thing..my book bill is 120 bucks a month now.

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