Desktop Search Applications: Searching for the ultimate search

Desktop Search Applications: Searching for the ultimate search completed a reader roundup on the five best desktop search applications.

The readers voted Spoltlight (Mac only) as their favorite application. I have never seen this application as I am not a Macintosh person. I have used most of the Windows applications reviewed in the article but my preferred application was not even included in the write up.

Like most people, I spend time searching for old e-mails, attachments and documents even though I have my data organized. The default search tools that are included with Windows and Office are not very efficient and lack many features, so most people, including myself, end up looking for alternative search applications. I feel desktop search applications have been a huge gift from the IT gods to the cubical and office dwellers of the world. Rejoice one and all…Rejoice!

Currently, I have been using Exalead Desktop.
Unlike some other desktop search applications, Exalead Desktop does not slowdown my computer or Outlook. It has never crashed or caused a single glitch with document or e-mail access. It indexes local documents, network documents via mapped drive or UNC, e-mail and attachments. This application even indexes content in Exchange Public Folders and everything in Outlook (including e-mail, attachments, contacts, calendar, tasks, and journal entries).

The search results are very quick and the web interface is very easy to use as it has the familiar structure shared by most search engines. It has additional filtering options down the right side the screen to narrow your searches even more. I find the search accuracy to be very good using the common Google/Yahoo search query styles.

The price for the standard edition is free and has all the features that someone will use. The paid version is targeted to corporate environments with central deployments and policy management. If you are looking for a good desktop search application, then I would recommend that you take a look at Exalead Desktop.

(Note: I am not compensated in anyway by Exalead and they have not reviewed or authorized this posting.)

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