Just Me??

Just Me??

Is it just me or does the world seem strange right now? Nothing really seems to making much sense. The “news” is about 20% news and 80% filler. The 20% is often conflicting based on the talking head that you are listening to at any given moment. The markets seem to be acting life a scared children that are focused on a pending doom that no one can see. Even people close to me seem to be a little “off” over the last few months.

This really makes me think…is the world “off” its track or is it just me???

I had an interesting, albeit short, conversation with a colleague who informed me that my bleak outlook is a result of a lack of sleep. Could they be right? I know that my sleep habits have sucked for a long time and is causing a reduction in my focus and energy, but could it alter my perception of events and alter my interactions with people?

I had another conversation today that I found myself talking and I could not shut-up…This is not like me. I am usually careful in what I say but today I was babbling about items I would not normally discuss. At the end of the conversation, I think the person that I was speaking with had a slightly altered opinion of me…I hope it was for the better but I am not sure it was. There are times and settings where being perceived as a rock is a good thing.

Could all this be related? I believe everything is related and acts (or has an effect) upon everything else. In the macro sense (whole person, family, society, etc.), we are one system and any sub-component of a system, by their nature and proximity, have an effect on other sub-components. If I break a rib, does it not have an effect on many of my body’s systems and functions?

It is reasonable to assume that a small series or events can send a person down a path that becomes a self-feeding cycle. If the individual does not or is unable to identify the path they are heading down as a positive or negative one, what are they to do? What if their is nothing that can be done to change the sequence of events? Can one ride a negative cycle to a positive outcome by sheer will and attitude? God, how I pray it is so. However, we will have to accept that the opposite effect is possible as well.

The personal side of all this: I started feeling pressure because of personal and professional work load. This pressure is self imposed due to my internal standards. In my opinion, this is the worst kind of pressure as there is no escape from ones own self. This keeps me up a little later at night, either working or partaking in additional recreational activities to relax. Situation is stable but not improving to a great degree so I lump a little more pressure on myself. Then major events start to happen. New child which adds to the lack of sleep and pressure so more recreational activities are required. The stock market sucks, housing sucks, savings rate sucks…more pressure…

STOP THE RIDE, I WANT TO GET OFF. No Escape Possible – Welcome to Mid-Life…All pressure all the time. Sounds like a bad radio station tag line 😉

The saving graces and why I do it all – A beautiful wife who loves me for who I am (faults and all), children who love their parents, friends that are their when you need then – no questions asked, and a company that cares about its people.

So is it a lack of sleep or reality setting in? More then likely it is both. The question is how I/we all deal with the pressure of life. The pressure does not go away, one learns how to deal with it or get crushed by it. Mid-life does not need to be a crisis. I need to look inward with the help of those close to me to review my goals and standards and start making adjustments. Where to begin…topic for another post.

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