What do infants dream about that has them smiling so much?

Today, I was able to spend a bunch of “alone” time with my youngest daughter. The wife and other children were out-and-about and I was on infant care duty. I watched her sleep and she spent a large amount of time smiling and then fidgeting.

This really made me think, what does a X week old child dream about? Nursing – oh yes by the way she acts, but what else? Being picked up and held? New visual sights and sounds that she as recently experienced? Just how far are they in their mental development? Do they dream in detailed pictures or just visual impressions?

I am sure all these questions have been reasonably answered…time for some Google searches to try to identify a nice introductory book on the first six months of human development.

She was a cranky while awake, mainly I think, due to the heat and a bit of an upset tummy. Well, I/we dealt with it the best that I/we could and we both survived the experience. It has been several years since I have cared for an infant by myself…We did well.

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