Vendors and more or less

Vendors and more or less

I do not impress easily. I had a meeting with Dell today and I was impressed. The people I met with knowledgeable and eager to help. They were proactive, responsive and focused on finding the right solutions (even if it was to their loss). I think we will have a great relationship going forward.

My wireless carrier on the other hand has been a challenge. Wow, they are in trouble. They have taken “blowing a customer off” to new heights. I know I am a tiny account but come on, return a phone call.

Our dentist calls us every night after an appointment to check in and see how we are doing. His office and staff rock!

My auto dealership’s service department…do they know anyting other then my bank account number? “Relationship Service Managers??? I think not.

Is is wrong to expect high standards all the time?

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