Summer…it comes

Summer…it comes

My oldest is getting excited because summer vacation is getting close. This is the time of year that kids rejoice and parents shutter.

The costs and time it takes to keep the kids occupied goes way up. I want my girls to have a good summer so we start the planning. My oldest wants to do Sea World camp, swimming, maybe softball and who knows what else. My middle girl wants “play dates” every day with her friends from kindergarten.

My darling wife, I am sure, just wants a good night sleep. When do these new one’s start sleeping through the night? It has been a month now. Come on, how long does it really take.

I want, well, I want to have a few buck in my pocket at the end of summer and maybe a little quite time around the homestead. I do not think I will get my two desires but I will do my best to see that the girls have fun and the wife gets more sleep.

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