Traffic == RANT ==

Traffic == RANT ==

OK, I am not the only one who ponder these things and I am going to rant a bit.
I take a relatively new freeway home each night. This freeway was completed less then five years ago. Every night when I drive home it is near enough or really “stop and go”.

When they were building this “thing”, how did they not account for the planned building in the area? It seems that you should plan for future growth out 10-20 years. I looked and we have dirt on both sides of the freeway and space in between the east/west bound lanes.

I really hope the lack of lanes was not caused by concern over the impact on the butterfly population, or some other sort of deserving creature. I love the environment but more damage is being done by thousands of cars sitting on the freeway and sputtering out fumes, day after day. Could this be the transit authority incompetence in planning or are they ensuring they have future work? I really do not know. I am just pissed.

Last Friday, it took me two and half hours to get home. I work sixty miles away. The first forty-five miles were a snap at full speed…the last fifteen were hell. No accidents, no obstacles, no flat tires, nothing but an ocean of cars and not enough lanes to support them.

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