I really like eBooks. I have used the Sony eBook reader since it was released. It has recently died.Safety Tip: Do not drop and then step on any electronic device as they generally do not appreciate such attention.

Well, so I am considering a replacement. I like the look of the new Sony reader but they do not have the greatest selection of books. The amazon device looks like crap but has a greater selection of reading material. Hmmm, what to do. The Amazon unit just dropped in price.


2 thoughts on “eBooks

  1. I have taken a look at a few e-books, and although yeah, it has the same content of the book on my bookshelf, to me, there is nothing better than having that book in your hands, being the first one to read it is the best, as when you open it up to find the magic inside, the spine cracks and creaks and opens itself up to you. Then after it has been read, you put it back on the bookshelf and maybe someday down the road you will want to revisit your friends held between the covers of that book and you get to pick it up again, hold the book open on your lap, sit back and have a nice visit. I’m not saying there is something wrong with e-books, but for me, the experience just isn’t the same.

    1. Hi Kellie,

      I agree with you in part. I do miss the tactile sensation of holding a book, but the convenience of my Kindle is exceptional. I can carry my library with me at all times. This includes the books that I bought for the device, the many free books I have downloaded from Amazon, and two magazines I subscribe to each month. I find that I read longer with my Kindle then I did with traditional books after I got used to the device. I feel the trade is well worth it.

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