First Posting

First Posting

Question: Why?
Answer: The answer does not matter…only the question.

I have no idea why or what I am doing. I have a desire, and I think that is enough…for now. Responsibilities and family can sometimes stifle creativity a bit. One has to look at everything that must be done to feel pressure. We all need an outlet. Maybe this will be mine. I see my children and the wonder that fills their eyes when they look at life all around them. They have it right, as adults, we don’t.

Why then? To understand, maybe: to explore, certainly. I do not know if this will continue but it is a start, and after all, that is where every journey begins.

Notice to All: I do not write…at all. My grammar is on par with my kindergartner. I officially apologize to the English language, and anyone else who stumbles on this blog, for the destruction that will be wrought. You have been warned.

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