About the tag line quote

About the tag line quote

I read the quote a while ago and I really did not get it at first. Then all at once it hit me. It was a bit of inspiration and realization. Unfortunately, not all realizations fill you with joy. The reality that my life is what my actions have brought about can be joyous and harsh.

I am not one that places a lot of faith in divine preordained events. Do I believe in some things…sure, but that is for another day. I am amazed at how many people do not accept responsibility for their actions and the results that come home to roost. Many years ago, I was this way. I do not remember when I changed or what brought it about. Maybe, I just grew up one day.

I am the man here today because of the choices that I have made in my life. The vast majority were wise and have made my life wonderful. A few have been exceptionally poor and cost me much. Can we not all say the same thing? Does that make me, or you, feel better?? No, not really. I never like to be lumped in with “everyone else”.

I have realized that I have made the same bad choices over and over again. I continue to ponder why. In the heat of the moment, I fall back to old habits no mater how much I tell myself I will change my behavior. This will take time, I tell myself, but is that just an excuse and rationalization of failure? I am not sure.

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