A short thought for the day

A short thought for the day

I have not been writing much this last couple of years. I cannot say there’s any particular reason for this lack of engagement. I enjoy the writing process, but I think life gets in the way. As I write this, it sounds like a rather pathetic excuse. But still, it now feels a little cathartic to admit that I am busy.

Life is complex with the challenges of balancing family life and work, not to mention the whole COVID situation. So we need to give ourselves a bit of understanding that we cannot do everything we want to do given that there are only 24 hours in a day and many different priorities are competing for time.

I always fall back to Franklin Covey’s concept of Put First things First. I do love this idea more than many other “management” ideas.

All in all, I am blessed that life is good, and we’ve been spared many of the challenges of COVID. We’ve had some COVID-related illnesses In the family, but they’ve all been minor due to the vaccine’s effectiveness.

Well, here’s to a short post. May many more come in the future.

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  1. Yeah, life happens sometimes, and even the things we thought we’re passionate about end up taking a back seat. Here’s to wishing that you get right back on that momentum!

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