Remembering and perspective

Remembering and perspective

Personally, professionally, and academically, this has been a crazy week.  This is one of those weeks that makes you pause and just realize how crazy life can get at times.  Luckily, all of it is positive and looking great.  Just absolutely crazy hectic with little time to pause.  When these times occur, I seek out some refuge to take stock of recent events and make sure I do not take things for granted.

For example, I completed a kickboxing class today with my family and took a five-mile walk with my wife home.  It was beyond enjoyable, and the sky was beautiful with patchy clouds and sunshine just breaking through. No matter how crazy life gets, good or bad, it is important to keep everything in perspective and seek out a balance in life.

The act of taking time to appreciate the many simple and positive things in our lives was a very important concept that a mentor once gave me.  When I was younger, I took many things for granted, and soon I began to take things professionally for granted.  When someone starts taking things for granted, they enter a very dangerous place that can allow their ego to spiral out of control.  They forget their families, teams, and peers who help them every day to achieve their goals.  Sooner or later, this will always come to a negative end.

So I take time to appreciate and say thank you to all.  I make a conscious effort to show my appreciation to my family, peers, and team because nothing can be achieved without them.  Taking a moment to stare up at a cloud helps to give me an appreciation for all the things in our lives that we can and cannot control. Remembering and appreciating all that is around me helps to ground me and prevents me from taking anything and anyone for granted.

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