Giving Something New a Try: Evernote to OneNote

Giving Something New a Try: Evernote to OneNote

I have been an Evernote user for a long time.  I have been delighted with the product and have never experienced a single problem or glitch.  With that being said, I moved my content out from Evernote and into Microsoft OneNote.

If it is not broke, why fix it?  Well, I am in IT, and sometimes we are just gluttons for punishment.  When I test something, I really test it.  I do not play with things that I test.  I want the full experience of what it is like to be an actual user of the platform.  This includes the migration of my information on to the new platform and subsequently fully using the platform for several weeks to a few months.  Then I will decide about which platform I like better and either stay with the new system or migrate back.  Yes, it is a pain to do so. I do this with my hardware as well as software.  I will be testing the Surface Pro in about a week and will turn in my corporate laptop and try to exist solely on a Surface Pro tablet.

With about half of my content now moved (by hand as it was better than any other option I tried) on to Microsoft OneNote, my initial reaction is one of pleasure.  I like the full OneNote application as it is more visually appealing and organized a bit better than Evernote.  On the other side, Evernote has much stronger mobile applications than Microsoft.  OneNote on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) cannot read encrypted content.  This is very disappointing and a series gap on Microsoft’s part.

In a week or so I will drop in another note and let the cyber world know how I am doing with OneNote as my primary digital note capturing application.  What the heck ever happened to pen and paper anyway???

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    1. I did it the hard way…I copied one note at a time. I only had a couple of hundred of notes to do. It was not terrible, but it took a few hours. I wish there was a better way…

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