Rolling with the Updates

Rolling with the Updates

I am sure that I am like most “techie” people right now who jumped onto the iOS 6 bandwagon today. I have to give it to Apple on this iOS release. I ran into absolutely zero issues with my upgrade on my iPhone and iPad. When iOS 5 came out, we all had serious issues for the first few days with servers being overloaded and corrupt iOS download files. I did not even have to connect my devices to a computer to complete this upgrade. This was truly a nice feature that they had added to a prior iOS release. At the time, I discounted its value, but I was very wrong to dismiss it as a nice-to-have but not that important.

As of yet, I have not seen major changes or major improvements in iOS 6, the upgrade simplicity may be one of Apple’s largest triumphs and great legacies to leave the technology world. Could you even imagine a Windows upgrade as easy as it is to go from iOS 5.5 iOS 6?

Oh, I do feel for the folks over at RIM. I recently completed an update to a Blackberry for a friend of mine, and it was painful. That is the company that needs to take a couple of lessons from Apple and Google.

My Windows 8 installation was a snap and took me just a few mouse clicks to complete. I think all the tech companies have realized the paramount importance of simplistic as possible updates to their operating systems to support wide-scale deployment of new features and security enhancements that come with updating the operating system.

Now the wonderful technology industry needs to move some of the simplicity of consumer design into enterprise architecture.

No, scratch that…all of us IT folks need good jobs. Tech industry please continue to design overly complex enterprise systems.

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