Is it just me or is Twitter down??

Is it just me or is Twitter down??

I am not a huge twitter user, but I find it interesting that when online services go down, I have an adverse reaction to the disruption. What?? Why does XYZ not work!?! Our lives have become very intertwined with technology, and if you want to be cruel, all you need to do is go and hide someone’s smart phone for a day to see their withdrawal symptoms.

I am sure it will be back up before I post this, but all Internet users have very high expectations for service availability. Look at how dependent have become on the tools and services that are provided via the Internet and associated connected devices for daily life.  How easy is it really to unplug these days?

Noise to Signal Cartoon

One of my resolutions is to become more understanding of service disruptions and roll with it a bit more. Technology is a tool, and I can step away from it anytime that I want. 😉

Good day all…

Up then down…capacity issues?  I feel for their IT teams and the challenges they must have with that massive infrastructure. Might be time for twitter to steal some Google or Amazon talent in this area.

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