Picking up where I left off

Picking up where I left off

It is crazy when I look back and see how quickly I have fallen off track with planned activities. It started with “I am going to take the day off from writing,” and the next thing I know I have not written anything for months. The one thing I can tell you about cycles is they will continue until forcibly broken. While writing this little note, a cold shiver washed over me as the guilt spirits come to pay me yet another friendly reminder.

So now I am sitting here wondering how best to get started again. A long-term writer’s block is never easy to conquer especially when you add procrastination into a busy life and career. It took some time to catch up on the fair amount of reading that has stacked up, but I realized through the process just how much good content there is on the Net. It truly is staggering to realize the sheer volume of information that is at our fingertips. The unfortunate side is that it forces us to undertake the challenge of finding and figuring out what is quality from the voluminous garbage. It is sad to say that one cannot simply rely on the reputation of the website or sources for good decisions on content quality.

Therefore, I think it best that I start slow and slide my way back into the habit of reading and writing nightly. I will bounce from Facebook to twitter and then onto the blog but write something each day. So this I pledge, I will be leaving more comments for authors and reading more to get the brain rolling again. I found just this little journey of the last few nights to be almost therapeutic and relaxing from the stresses of the day.

I have a call to action for everyone to take a few minutes to read some of the great content on the Net and leave the author a comment or two. Trust me all authors greatly appreciate the comments left by readers, and you might just find yourself a little more relaxed and exposed to some new lines of thinking.

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