Amazon Kindle for Blackberry – Two Weeks Later

Amazon Kindle for Blackberry – Two Weeks Later

I definitely had some challenges getting the Amazon Kindle application for my Blackberry Storm2 downloaded and installed. However, since getting the application downloaded, I have had zero problems with it. The transfer of books to the device over my device’s wireless Internet connection is flawless. I would not use the application’s built-in interface for purchasing new books because it leaves a lot of functionality to be desired that I find useful in the Amazon website.

I have enjoyed being able to pop open the book that I am currently reading whenever I have a few minutes to spare. It is a lot more productive than staring off into space or reading whatever is lying on the table while waiting to get your haircut or sitting at a doctor’s office. I have been surprised how many times over the course of the last two weeks that I have found 5 to 10 minutes to spare and get through several pages in the book I am currently reading. When I go home and open up my Kindle at the house, it is aware that I have advanced in the book and updates accordingly. This is probably my absolute favorite feature.

I have found that reading on my Blackberry is enjoyable but not nearly enough to replace my Kindle or a traditional book. It is convenient and that is its biggest selling point. The flipping of pages is quick and easy on the Storm2. The small screen means you spending significant time flipping pages by pressing on the side of your Strom2 screen and keeping your backlight on so battery life will take a hit.

Over all, the application is a solid offering by Amazon and should make many Kindle users even bigger fans.


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