Reminding Me Why I Do It

Reminding Me Why I Do It

Sometimes I just get it, and this is one of these times. All the pressures of life mount and mount with work, family, school, career, finance, etc.; it’s enough to sap the soul out of anyone. Then I am with the family in the kitchen with some teeny-bop princess playing in the background. The family members are happy singing along while stopping to chat and play from time to time. I sit at the kitchen island and watch them having fun while I type away finishing some work. It is just an outstanding way to come home from a day at the office.

It is why I go to work each day; I am grateful that I am able to provide them the life that I so very cherish (Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and the people I work with, but it is not exactly why I sit in traffic each day). My wife is doing some cooking and daughters are playing around while trying to help here and there.  The littlest one trying to imitate the eldest while the middle daughter is dancing and singing.  These are the times in my life that I will value to the end of days. It is not about money or status…it is about family.

I am done for the day…time to play for a while.  Life is short so don’t miss it.

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