working on working

working on working

Some many updates, so little time. I have been less then diligent about keeping my blog updated from a content point of view, as well as, from the technology side. Well, I am working on both issues, but like everything else in life, this will take time.

The back-end updated was my first chore and that has finally been completed.  WordPress is running the current release, plugins are updated, and all is running happy. This had me a little stressed as I was more then a few releases behind. I just knew that I would have a database issue, but I am most happy to report that all went well. I will give kudos to the kind folks at  The documentation was excellent and the upgrades completed with zero issues.

Next, I am turning my attention to site design.  This is going to take a bit more time then the back-end updates. I have downloaded the latest version of the theme from the nice person who created it, but I have made several tweaks here and there.  I have it loaded on a test site, but I need to document my changes (this time) before I move it into production.  Some of the spacing and glitches on the current live site will just have to live here for another week or two.

Well, all in good time.  I am happy that this is the way of the computer world, if it was not constantly changing, then people would not need us techie people.

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