Finding what can be found

Finding what can be found

Is all information cataloged at this point?  How many major search providers are left and do they have all the information of the world cataloged?  I have no clue, but another search engine is hitting the net.  This one says they are different, but then again, so did  And needless to say, I was not overly impressed with offering.

Enter Wolfram Alpha (

Is it different from the rest?  From what I can tell so far – Yes!

How is it to be used in relation to other search engines?   Not a clue yet…

Update 1:

I have been doing some additional searches on Wolfram Alpha and I have found some interesting results.  So far one of the best has been putting two stocks in as a search query and seeing the quick comparison.  This is very cool.

This site will require some getting used to, as far as learning how to write great search statements, but do not let that be a deterrent.  The examples sections is very helpful for getting started (

Wolfram Alpha is worth checking out, but it is not a replacement for your daily searches at Google or Yahoo at this time.

Update 2:

I am not the only one who likes it for investing…”Using Wolfram Alpha in researching investments

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