Heading Home…

Heading Home…

My the week goes by fast when you are having fun.  We are all packed and getting ready to head to the airport.

I have been thinking about my week in New York, and I have a few thoughts about the experience.


  1. The World Trade Center has a whole new meaning now that I have seen the sights.  The last time I was in New York, they were still standing.
  2. I am glad I picked a good hotel (Marriott Downtown), the stay has been great!
  3. I like taking cabs. We had some bad drivers, but we also had some great drivers that were very interesting.
  4. The flowers in Macy’s were impressive.
  5. Lunch at Maxie’s deli was huge!
  6. Virgin America is a good airline and the entertainment system makes these long flights go by in a snap.
  7. I do not think that I have ever walked so much in my entire life, I am beat.
  8. This place is crowded 😉

I know, a lame post, but I am on vacation…

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