New Blog Design: Is it a keeper?

New Blog Design: Is it a keeper?

First of all, changing the blog theme is not a piece of cake. It is not overly difficult, but it is not a five minute task either.

I have spent weeks searching for a new design for my blog. I do not know if this is the look for me, but I like this design better then my last one. Still, I do not know if this is really “me”.

So what do you think? Should I keep this design, go back to the old one, or keep searching for something new?

5 thoughts on “New Blog Design: Is it a keeper?

  1. The WordPress resources are terrific. Once you see the possible ways to display the date, you can use the administrative design functions to edit your template yourself. It’s not really very hard at all to do. Also, check for the latest versions of the plugins that you like. Most of the updated ones don’t require you to change the template anymore.

  2. A few of the plug-ins are not working under this template. I am a little disappointed. The designer wants to minimize his support of the theme so many plug-ins do not work correctly. I am working with the people in the support forums to get them all working again, but it will take time as I have to test everything. I still need to change the date format…that is really starting to bug me.

    Oh well, it is all a great learning experience.

  3. I like the new look – professional and clean. Seems to load pretty quickly as well. Didn’t you have more plugins enabled before? I noticed that commentluv is gone… I guess you still have some integration left. That’s the worst part about switching themes.

  4. I think the new design looks great although there was nothing wrong with the old one either. Arthemia looks good on your blog and seems to match for some reason

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