A vision of the future

A vision of the future

The best way to predict your future, is for you to create it!

Your personal vision of the future governs how you currently spend your time and the thoughts that dominate your mind. It’s important to have a vision of yourself and your future, as these will act as your road map for your life’s direction. Without them, time will march on, but you will still be lost and floating on the current.

It all starts in your head. You need to develop richly detailed and creative mental images of your future, as they are the key building blocks of a strong personal vision. Your mental pictures help you to create what does not exist in your current reality. They help you stay on track with your plan, and are huge motivators.

A personal vision is not a day dream! Plans or desires without supporting actions are day dreams, visions are driven by action.

Do not fear to envision your ideal future, as the higher your goals, the less competition you will have in their attainment. This does not mean they are easier to achieve then so called “realistic goals”, but why sell your future short? After all, do you want to fight 2,000 people for a particular goal, or 5? Aim High! Even if the goal is harder to achieve, you have better odds of success.

When you have a strong vision of your future, you will be impassioned to stretch beyond your current boundaries. It is the fire that fuels your decisions and actions to bring you to new heights.

With a strong personal vision, you will live out of your imagination and not just your memories and regrets of missed opportunities.

What you dream, you can envision
What you envision, you can plan
What you plan, you can act on
What you act on, you can achieve
What you achieve, allows you to dream bigger dreams

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