My Blog: Looking back over the last few months

My Blog: Looking back over the last few months

I am approaching the 100th post on my blog (Yea!). While I feel this is an accomplishment, I am still a very green blogger as I continue to try and find my voice.

Over the last weekend, I took some time to read my old posts, and for the most part, they suck to varying degrees. I started to edit a few of the posts that were really getting on my nerves, but stopped shortly after I started.

I believe my writing has improved over the last few months, but it has a long way to go before I consider it at an acceptable level. I stopped editing my old posts because I want to be able to look back and see my progress, and frankly, no one ever reads the old posts anyway. Looking at the Google Analytics report, people only read through the last four or five postings whether it be chronological or topic based.

I do edit the posts that bring traffic to my blog from search engines. I review and tweak these posts once ever three or four weeks, and I am amazed at how many small things I still find that needs improvement.

This blog is not what I intended; I wanted a deep thoughtful blog about “life”. I did not create that blog, consciously or unconsciously, I created a blog about my professional life, the Information Technology industry and other work related realities. I have been thinking about renaming the blog to something more appropriate based on the content I post, but I am undecided. I think I need to find the right name and tag before I jump ship.

I have found that blogging is fun, interesting, addictive and great way to improve your written communication skills. I suggest you give it a try! You have nothing to loose but much to gain.

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