I think I am ready to make a jump and I need YOUR help!

I think I am ready to make a jump and I need YOUR help!

Well, our little one is not letting me sleep so I thought I would surf a blog or two and work on my pending posts while she is having a late night snack. I have been looking at several WordPress blogs I visit regularly, and I really like the additional features and more flexible design that WordPress offers over Blogger. Here I sit, pondering what to do.

You, most kind visitors of my little blog, Please Help Me With a Couple of Questions:

When I make the jump to WordPress, should I use WordPress.com with a few paid upgrades or should I host with a third party company?

As a tech head, the technical side does not scare me but is it worth hosting at a third party over WordPress.com?

  • Has WordPress.com had any service problems?
  • Do sites hosted by WordPress.com load slowly? This is a concern of mine as some seem to load very slowly.
  • Is WordPress.com slow to implement the open source upgrades?
  • Where are you hosted and why?

This is a big decision as I am not looking forward to moving and I do not want to do it again after I make this change.

Thank you for thoughts, opinions and time!

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