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I still have more work ahead of me

I still have more work ahead of me

Transferring a blog is kind of like moving, a real ton of work and every time you think you are are done, you remember another five things…

To-do List (not in any particular order):

  1. Get bullet images on my Google Reader widget (right side bar)
  2. Go back through 100 posts and correct layout issues and assign tags
  3. All images need to be copied to the new server and have the location updated in every posting.
  4. Locate widget to display monthly posts better then the recent posts that I am currently using
  5. Add widget for XML site map
  6. Setup Google Analytics
  7. Update Google and Yahoo Meta tags for search engine inclusion
  8. Update social and traffic referral sites with new URL (like Technorati Profile)
  9. Work with InteseDebate to get my historical comments relocated
  10. On new page creation, all images are left justified no mater what I set…more code time.
  11. hmmm, give me a minute and I will think of a few more items…
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