Dependency on Internet Applications

Dependency on Internet Applications

Image you could not access any of your websites or web applications that you use daily basis. Scary, I know, but think about your day and how it would be impacted.

We all have a few web-based applications and websites that we use or visit everyday. When these frequently visited or accessed applications become unavailable, it becomes a source of irritation.

When it is your homepage, it jumps from irritation to frustration and then to anger.

My homepage is like my command center, or better yet, my digital “TV guide”. It has my all of my Google services like Notebooks, Bookmarks, RSS Reader, Stocks, and News in one simple and easy format for my accessing pleasure.

One or more of the gadgets on the page are broken. This causes the page to load, display an error, and jump to standard error page. This has caused me distress and I do not need distress in my life. It is like being told “See This…Well You Cannot Have It! Now, Go Away” every single time I open my web browser.

I have found ways to access all the information that was on my homepage via alternative means but it is just the same. I miss my homepage.

I wanted to be sure that it was not just my computer so I have tried to reach the page via three different computers running two different operating systems. No Luck! I do not want to blowout my iGoogle configuration and recreate it. That would be a pain just to figure out what I will not be permitted to use for the time being. I will have to do this if Google does not fix the problem soon. I used only Google created gadgets, so I hope they are working on it.

Such a small thing can just throw your whole darn day off…

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