An unexpected deep dive

An unexpected deep dive

I know that I am being vague here but feel I can discuss the “emotional” factor without much conversational detail. The benefit of having your own blog. 😉

Today, well yesterday now that it is so late, I had an interesting conversation with someone who I greatly respect. The conversation started light enough but unexpectedly (to me at least) went deep quickly.

It was a remarkable experience to be able to discuss serious situations at a substantive level with someone I hold in high esteem. Not only to just discuss issues and offer suggestions for improvement but to have my thoughts and opinions seriously considered. I am not saying that I am normally not taken seriously but these topics were out of my functional area and my expertise.

We all have people in our lives that we would like to offer an alternative way at looking at things, but it just would not be “proper”, or it is never the “right time” to have these conversations. This was the type of conversation I had today. I felt like I expressed myself well, and now I feel like a weight has been taken off my shoulders. I feel I improved my position in their eyes, and I feel more confident in myself today.

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