New Blog Commenting System

New Blog Commenting System

The Blogger commenting system seems to have been having “issues” for the last few weeks. I have tried to post comments to many blogs and only about 20% of them are able to be posted. The rest generate errors when I click submit. This is so frustrating.

I reviewed the Blogger help site (I am getting better at actually checking for known issues) and found people reporting the same problems but I saw no response from the Blogger team. This is disappointing to say the least.

I have been searching for a new commenting system as I get more comments via the e-mail form then posted due to problems with Blogger comment system.

I believe I have made my final choice and it is (drum roll please…) “Intense Debate“.

Intense Debate was a snap to setup, as it did almost all the work for me, and the integration into the site took all of fifteen seconds to complete. I did not import my prior comments so I do not know how well that works but I would not expect any trouble based on how well everything else has gone so far.

We will give this a try for a while and see if it is smooth sailing or not!

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