More Google stuff and the blog

More Google stuff and the blog

The web analytics platform that I have used in the past (Hitbox) is going away…a victim of acquisition?? I have been looking at alternative solutions for web analytics. I have never had any kind of tracking on my blog and, to be honest, never really cared that much about it. I am basically convinced that I am safely tucked into my cyberspace hole of obscurity.

My web developers have suggested a few solutions but really like the output an cost structure of Google’s Analytics platform. They tell me it is not the most feature rich product compared to tier-1 providers but then again our needs are basic. Being the anal retentive person that I am…THIS MUST BE TESTED!

I created a Google Analytics account for the Blog. The creation process took about 2 minutes to complete and it was a snap to setup the code in the web pages. I even enabled the search term tracking as well. Getting giddy here…

The management site interface was easy to use and I found myself looking at many of the features the product has to offer. I was impressed. This looks like a robust feature-rich product and if I was in the analytics business, I would start worrying. If the site has less then 5 million page views a month, the product is free. That is a lot of page views for a smaller company and the best possible price point.

The reports update once every 24 hours. I am not sure the exact time, as yet, but I expect it is in the early morning hours. Hey! maybe I will be able to confirm that I am the only person that ever comes this blog! w00t Me – 1 visitor! 😉

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