Interest in Blogging

Interest in Blogging

My interest in blogging has been increasing over the last several months. I have found that I am reading more blogs each and every week. I cannot say for certain why this is occurring; only that it is. The blogs I read are random and cover topics from daily life, politics, computers, and all the way to family issues. I do not have the time to read blogs on a daily basis but I do try to set an hour or two aside on Saturday to catch up with the 10 to 12 blogs that I am currently reading. Some of the most recent blogs I have found are listed on the right-hand side of the site.

I signed up for a service (Blog Explosion) that says it will increase traffic to my blog. Why you ask, especially since this is not an overarching goal of mine? If I have an increase in traffic it will be purely a secondary benefit. The service operates much like Link Exchange.

I visit other people’s blogs and in turn earn credits that will drive traffic to my blog. I would say about 20% of the blogs I have visited using their service have been noteworthy. There are some very, very, good bloggers out there. I am sure that I am in the 80% of average to below average bloggers. As I’ve stated before, I not the most eloquent writer and can barely craft a coherent sentence.

In my opinion, it does not matter if you have a blog or just interested in finding other people’s blogs. This service will work for you and it costs you nothing. I like this idea a little bit more than just using one of the blog search engines. Users of the service have gone through steps of increase traffic to their blogs; this leads me to believe they are more serious about blogging. Blog Explosion is certainly not the Holy Grail but I have found some really nice blogs with their service. If you have a blog and you are interested in increasing traffic, give them a try. If you just enjoy reading blogs, I would also give them a try. You just never know the type site you’ll find.

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