Google Reader Tips

Google Reader Tips

I use Google Reader a ton. I have subscribed (added the various feeds) of all the website and blog that I read on a regular basis. This application has saved me a ton of time and since it it web based, I have no software to install and I can access it on any computer or my Blackberry. Oh Ya – It is Free! It is not the perfect news reader but it is one of the very best.

One of my, unfounded, gripes was a lack of keyboard shortcuts because clicking on the “Next item” button repeatedly to get it to move to the next article did not function as well as one might think. My real problem is that I am my own worst enemy. Ego really, because the keyboard shortcuts where not screaming at me, “Hi, Here I Am!”, I presumed there was none. I was wrong.

So, here is the list of keyboard shortcuts I found for Google Reader…who would have thought to check the help site…where is my head at times.

The main ones I now use are listed below.

  • Next or Previous item: j/k
  • Toggle share item: shift-s
  • Toggle star item: s
  • Display all shortcuts: ?

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