Experiences in the Gene Pool: The New iPhone

Experiences in the Gene Pool: The New iPhone

What is the status of the human gene pool?
I am concerned at what I see…

Case Study: The New iPhone

==== N O T I C E ====
The new iPhone is released today!
Get yours today, before you are labeled an “uncool looser”!

OK, I do not have an iPhone nor do I care to own one.

I have seen and played with them. They look and feel cool but they are not the most productive device. Blackberry owns that title. This morning I went to breakfast with a colleague and drove by an AT&T store. I could not believe the line out in front of the store.

(Not the best pictures, I know, but what do you want from a camera phone while driving)

By the time we left breakfast, the line was even longer. These people are taking a day off of work, or whatever they do with their lives, to purchase a mobile phone.

I tell you, something is seriously wrong with these people.

I do not get the “iPhone” phenomenon. Do only the “creative” people get the iPhone and the Mac in general (I am not looking for a Mac Vs. PC flame war here)?

Ahh, I wish them the best. Enjoy your new phone.

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