Experiences in the Gene Pool: Drivers and Tolls

Experiences in the Gene Pool: Drivers and Tolls

What is the status of the human gene pool?
I am concerned at what I see…

Case Study: Some people should not be allowed to drive

If you are going to drive on a toll road, you must pay a fee. Simple, really – it is. Yet, some people can screw it up.

You have three choices before you.

1) The most common tactic employed by the masses is to drive up to the completely automated tollbooth and toss your quarters into a bucket. A green light is displayed and you proceed on your marry way. If you do not have change, a convenient change machine is located 6 inches from the bucket with clear instructions on its proper usage (it even has pictures).

2) If you subscribe to “FasTrak”, you mount your little white box on the inside of your windshield, and drive right through the express lane. Your account is debited the toll amount each time you pass under the sensors. RFID Rocks.

3) Least desirable is to “Run the toll” and pay the $42.50 + “administrative fee” ticket for first offence. Darn, cameras are everywhere now.

I ride share with a colleague and we alternate driving duty, as the commute is about 60 miles each way. Today was his day to drive and this afternoon we were third in line for the automated tollbooth on Interstate 73. I have “FasTrak”; he does not…well…yet. We waited patiently while talking of the day’s events. All was good until we noticed the line was not moving. Directly ahead of us is a person stripping some wire near the trunk of his car and concern starts to mount. We continue to wait patiently…no movement…we wait more and loosing patience. At this point, a person makes his way from the front of the line slowly back to our car and gives us the disappointing news.

A woman exited her car to pay the toll and proceeded to lock herself out of her own running vehicle! What confused the woman that she felt compelled to exit her car? Her car was perfectly aligned to gain access to the coin bucket and the change machine. Currently, I could just see part of her head as she was attempting to “hide but not really hide” in the bushes. Her roadside assistance was not expected to arrive for at least an hour. We are now stuck in line with nightmare-like-visions of endless traffic jams all the way home.

So I ask you, Internet in all its glory, what is confusing about tossing six quarters in the clearly indicated bucket or using the change machine with the nice pictures? The driver was not vertically or horizontally challenged and appeared to be in complete control of her physical being. So why would you exit a running car (on an on-ramp to a freeway) and shut the car door? Why would you lock the door? What was she thinking…wait, I am sure she was not thinking at all! I was now confused and angry…a long day, just got longer.

I understand mistakes…I really do. This “mistake” I must rank as a problem with the gene pool. Research must be funded to correct these problems with our gene pool if humans can produce such a completely scatter brained individual. Idiotic people screw with the lives and plans of everyone else around them and it must be stopped. Write your congressional representative! We must call for funding research to correct the flaws in the gene pool! We must stop stupidity before it spreads any further!

We did not want to wait for the “brain surgeon’s” roadside assistance or the “gentleman” to strip wires and attempt to “pop the lock”…even though he seemed to have some experience. Hmmm.

We ran the toll.

I expect to split the bill when it arrives in six weeks. I have dealt with the toll authorities before about a broken tollbooth (I paid the toll and still received a ticket) and lost. These people only hire other people from the defective gene pool.

OK – “I am Sorry” if I have hurt any one’s feelings…I care, I really do. >.>

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