Weekend with Guests

Weekend with Guests

This weekend we had guests over to celebrate the one month anniversary of our daughter’s birth. Things went well, for the most part. Getting ready for the event was a lot of work, for the wife…I helped, really, I did help…some. The house was ready, the wife busy in the kitchen, and I had grill duty. This was the first time we used the grill in months and I was expecting only minor clean-up as I cleaned it thoroughly after the last use. I was not ready for what I found.

It seemed a few furry creatures had decided to make it their home. I opened the built in grill and they ran out. It scarred the crap out of me and I yelped like a little girl. We now had to change the cooking plans. The wife worked her magic and we had a great meal. Kids all had a great time and I got to catch up with a friend I have not seen in a long while.

I spent several hours cleaning the grill even though it broken down quickly. I just need to replace ceramic brickets in the next couple of days. It does not look like they made the grill home for long.

Just when you think your life is normal and nothing strange happens to you, it does.

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