Google Apps – Part 3a: Notes and Tasks Continued

Google Apps – Part 3a: Notes and Tasks Continued

I like the Calendar app and the import ability:
You can export your calendar items out of Outlook and import them into Google’s Calendar with no major problems. It is quick and easy, but be sure you follow the simple instructions that Google provides. I found them by doing a Google search…strange when you think about it. It was not an intuitive process. Warning, I found almost all the links (to third party sites) contain outdated information. Save yourself the frustration by looking for the link to the Google help site.

The export/import process will create multiple appointments for recurring appointments. So limit the time frame you export out of Outlook. I created a copy of my calendar in Outlook and removed the recurring appointments before I completed the export. Once imported, I manually added the recurring items.

Found a use for Google Notebooks:
Outlook Notes meet Google Notebooks. No import process here, just copy and paste. Google Notebooks have greatly increased functionality compared to Outlook Notes. I found Notebooks easy to work with and it did not take long to get the information transferred.

Tasks…What Tasks??
Google does not have a “task” application that I can find. This seems to be a gap, or maybe a productivity philosophy? I am not sure, however, I did find many online task planners. I hope that Google is working on a version for Google Apps platform. This is critical for many employees of small to medium companies.

I do not wish to use a third party as I am looking to personally test the unification of online office productivity. I am using the calendar’s all day events and Notebooks to manage tasks. It is workable but not ideal.

This is the next area for testing but I am getting the impression that I will not be impressed…more to follow.

The links below are to my other posting about Google’s applications and services.

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