Google Apps – Part 3: Account Setup

Google Apps – Part 3: Account Setup

The basic setup of a Google Apps account is a snap. I made the DNS changes in minutes and was logged in under 30 minutes. I started to see mail flow into my Gmail account in under an hour. Way to go Google and DynDNS. Goggle had step-by-step instructions on how to change the DNS, even though the great IT person here did not need them. I created logins for my wife and daughter…All is well.

Google has an application that will import your mail from various e-mail applications into Gmail. This worked great, but was very slow, and I was able to import all of our Exchange mail and contacts right into Gmail. Gmail does not use folders, per say, but instead uses “labels”. It will use your current e-mail folders as labels for Gmail. It works. I was able to access the e-mail account from my mobile device just fine. So far, so good. I can send and receive e-mail just as if I was on my own mail server and I have all of my history…and now I do not need to worry about backing up the e-mail server 😉

Tomorrow night, after some WoW time, I will start testing how everything works together.

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