Google Apps – Part 1: Background

Google Apps – Part 1: Background

I run most technologies in my home that I run in the office. I have used my home network to test and learn how to do things for my entire IT working life. I believe it always best to try something new in a test environment so you do not jack-up the production environment.

Current Setup: At my home, I run a Windows 2003 server with Microsoft Exchange. I have network drives for family documents and use GPOs to redirect common folders and setup security. I maintain and small MSDE environment and all the normal Windows network services. I also have a managed 10/100/1000 switch and a Sonicwall firewall. My home network is very typical of a small company.

Problem: My wife (the Queen) and eldest daughter use the computers in the house regularly and do not appreciate it when I break the server, intentional or otherwise, while trying to learn something new of replicate a problem from the office. Lord help me when it is on a school night…

Solution: Move all family documents and e-mail off to another network so I can get my test environment back. Enter Google Apps.

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