General update…for those who care (ahhhh)

General update…for those who care (ahhhh)

It was a good day and I am pleased with everything I was able to clear off of my plate. w00t!

The wife and little one have not been feeling well but they are now on the mend…thank God!

I am working on my Google account again and having a mixed reaction to it. I should be able to post a better account of this by the end of the week.

SIRI is killing me but we will see what will happen with the upcoming FCC meeting.

The older girls have been having fun with swimming lessons, going to the beach, and “play dates” with friends. Great to see them having fun with their summer. I will take a few days off and have a family days at Sea World, beach, and ?? (Disneyland or something else – not sure yet).

Thursday is date night – I can not wait!

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